TSLCA Summit

Driving Community Home: What Does it Take to Build a Lifetime Community

Across Northern New England, people in more than 150 towns, cities and counties are working to make sure older residents can thrive in their homes and communities. This inspiring movement is being led mostly by older folks who are redefining how we live in community with one another. They are building transportation networks, running home repair programs, hosting health fairs and educational events, and combating social isolation and loneliness.

The primary goal of the TSLCA is to help these community leaders be as effective as possible through shared learning. Our November Summit is designed to connect community leaders with each other and to valuable tools and information from local, regional and national experts to help them take their work to the next level.

Agenda Highlites:

  • Housing Workshop
  • Transportation Best Practices Panel
  • PhotoVoice Project
  • Processes of Building Age Friendly Efforts Breakout Sessions
  • Facilitated Roundtable Cross-Community Learning

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