The Village model is based on the idea of neighbor-helping neighbor to live in the community and home of their choice.  Villages are sort of like a condo association for people who want to stay in their homes.  While every village is unique in how they operate, typically (but not always) villages are made up of members who pay a membership fee to gain access to a certain set of services which are typically provided by volunteers who are also members.   Villages also provide a referral system of trusted, reliable handymen and contractors available to complete home maintenance chores and other services. Villages can completely run by volunteers or may have one or two paid employees who help residents find the resources they need. Volunteers play an integral role in many villages, providing services for fellow-members.

Learn more about the Village-to-Village network, an organization that many Villages join for technical support. To learn more about Villages in northern New England, go to our webinar and read the community profiles of Villages.