Past Webinar: Idea and Experience Exchange: Wisdom Inquiry: Engaging with Each Other

Tuesday, June 18th, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The June 18, 12:00-1:00, “Ideas & Experience Exchange: Wisdom Inquiry” webinar highlights some of the great ideas that are “popping up” in lifelong communities and aging in place initiatives in northern New England. The format will be a little different from some of our other webinars. New England is famous for its ingenuity. The lifelong communities and aging in place initiatives develop innovative ideas to address needs. This month we are celebrating those innovative ideas. We will be “seeding” the conversation with several “kernels of corn” that are already popping in northern New England. Each community will briefly share what they are doing to spark other ideas in peer communities.

Join us to hear these innovative ideas and come prepared to share ideas that are working for your community. By sharing, you will help other communities pop.

Presenters—and the innovative, bright ideas that have popped in their community

  • Jess Maurer, Harpswell Aging at Home, Seniors Connecting
  • Donna Palmer, Living Well in North Yarmouth, Kite in Sight/Traffic Calming
  • Marianne Jackson, Mount Washington Valley, Home Sharing
  • Kate Ebbott, Burlington, Vermont, Grateful Hearts
  • Melissa Post, folk dance instructor, Putney Community Cares
  • Tawni Whitney, Freeport, Maine, Birdfeeder program
  • Denise Pratt, Keene Housing, Microwave Cooking Classes

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