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Mission, Vision & Goals


Community Response During Covid-19: CommunityCare of Lyme 

CommunityCare of Lyme located in Lyme, NH has been continuing to serve the community through the COVID-19 crisis in a variety of ways. While the office may now be virtual, they are still available to meet community needs with the generous help from volunteers, many of which have stepped up since COVID-19. In addition to the programs already in place, they have launched The Lyme Food Pantry for community members who could use a hand. The pantry is currently stocked at the Lyme School and selected perishable items are delivered on Tuesdays by the generous non-profit Willing Hands. You can also pick up your order on Tuesdays at 1pm and Thursdays at 3pm, or by appointment. To pre-order or refer someone you know, call 603-795-0603 or email [email protected] CommunityCare of Lyme wants to remind everyone that the heart of this work is neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone has different physical and emotional demands/needs, especially during this time, and resources are for all levels of need. Please reach out for support and check out their blog on their website for updates.


Our Mission
To build on Lyme’s heritage as a warm, welcoming, and service-oriented community, by building partnerships, embracing new ideas, and designing systems that improve our individual and collective sense of well-being,
​as we help transform health and healthcare in our town and beyond.

Guiding Principles


  • Include all Lyme community members, regardless of ability to pay
  • Engage and serve individuals of all ages

Financial sustainability

  • Maintain a primarily volunteer model, paying for central coordination and
  • As a charitable organization, raise funds from a broad base of philanthropists and
    engaged community members
  • Build community, business, and health care provider financial partnerships

Impact beyond Lyme

  • Create a replicable model for the Upper Valley and beyond
  • Contribute to research and ongoing efforts to improve health and healthcare

Broad Overview

CommunityCare of Lyme (CCL) is dedicated to strengthening a community of service where neighbors can live the healthy, comfortable lives they choose. Community members of all ages contribute to a caring culture that fosters support for individuals, families, and those “aging in place” in the Town of Lyme. Serving both those in need and those who wish to share time and talents, CCL links neighbors with trusted information, services, opportunities, and friends.

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

The majority of CCL's programming and services are delivered through partnerships with organizations who are already doing many of these things in town.

  • Parish Nurses: Helping seniors stay in their homes and stay socially-connected. Connecting residents with local and regional health and wellness resources. Promote health-related educational programming.
  • Other Church programs: CCL promotes and supports community programming ... senior lunch, pot lucks, etc.
  • Library: Co-create and promote educational programming. Library maintains senior-friendly resources and promotes in timely way.
  • Those Guys: Provide rides to events, odd jobs and other services, all kinds of help around town
  • Town of Lyme: The Town Clerk is now also serving as our Director, and that creates even more synergy to support town committees

What is the role of volunteers?

Volunteerism is the core of CCL. Our board and committee leaders are volunteers. There is a lot of volunteering in Lyme, but many service organizations need more. CCL calls on individual volunteers occasionally, but works mostly on building volunteer opportunities and connections:

  • Organizing the Lyme Day of Service, where over 150 volunteers of all ages green up roads, clean up community common spaces, and do projects for neighbors.
  • Joining the planning team for the Lyme Independence Day Celebration
  • Promoting participation in Lyme and regional service organizations

Community Initiatives

Chores, Handyman & Upkeep

CommunityCare of Lyme makes referrals to Those Guys, Lyme's men's service organization. The men who volunteer with Those Guys are available to assist local residents who need a hand with things like transportation to medical appointments, minor household repairs, yard work, etc.

CCL compiles a Lyme Contractor and Service Provider List, to help folks find help with chores and other projects that they wish to pay for.

Home Repair & Modification

We compile and distribute a Contractor and Services list.

Health & Wellness

Our aim is collaborating in Lyme and beyond to build a healthy community

  • Acting to improve social, physical, emotional and spiritual health
  • Strengthening communication, coordination, and, data infrastructure
  • Sharing with and learning from other communities

Our key partnership is with the Parish Nurses, to whom we refer health care concerns and coordination needs and with whom we create and promote educational programming. The Lyme Events Calendar we compile includes listings of many fitness opportunities for all ages. We promote emotional and spiritual health through many efforts to increase involvement, build relationships among neighbors, and reduce isolation. These efforts include referrals to other group's programs and events, CCL's program to welcome new neighbors, and individual outreach by our Director. We are also part of the town emergency response team.

Outreach & Resource Information

CommunityCare of Lyme's goal is to become a “one-stop” contact for information and resources for the Lyme community.

Our Director holds office hours at our new office, and in that space we also host select board coffee hours, Parish Nurse office hours, and meetings. That is bringing people face-to-face in new ways. We reach out to all those who are new in town with our New Neighbor Welcome program, offering a visit, a packet of helpful local information, and -- through partner businesses -- small gifts.

Our website is becoming increasingly helpful as a central resource, and that is an ongoing effort. Our membership in the TSLCA is a key way we bring resources to the community and improve our own work in this area.

We compile and distribute Lyme Events Calendar, and the Lyme Contractor and Service Provider List.

There is so much more to do in this area, largely to help make sense of the growing number of resources, programs, and sources of information.

Social, Educational & Recreational

CommunityCare of Lyme Creates and/or co-sponsoring educational programs for the community

  • Advanced Care Planning
  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Aging in Place – Now What?

Supporting, promoting and sometimes organizing social events -- ongoing gatherings, like monthly "Third Thursday" and Senior Lunches, as well as periodic big events, like the Independence Day celebration, Festival of Trees and Night of Nativity, and the community breakfast before Day of Service.

Food, Gardening & Cooking

CommunityCare of Lyme aims to increase the sense of community and place with warm, neighborly connections

  • Third Thursday Lunch
  • Community pot lucks
  • Supporting Lyme Congregational Church senior lunches


CommunityCare of Lyme is a member of the Village to Village Network, having been inspired by the Village model of neighbors helping neighbors, with centralized coordinating staff and local partnerships. We differ from "traditional" Villages (they do come in all shapes and sizes), in two primary ways: First, we do not have paid memberships, as we consider everyone in Lyme a member. Second, we serve all ages.




Martha Tecca, President
Patty Jenks, Director
CommunityCare of Lyme
P.O. Box 127, Lyme NH 03768
[email protected]
603-795-0603 (CCL Office) or 603-443-0283 (Martha's Cell)