Goffstown Age-Friendly

Covers: Goffstown, NH

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

The Town Administrator serves as both the Department Head responsible for Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development efforts, but also the Town ADA Coordinator and liaison to the Board of Selectmen.

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

No partnerships yet officially. Looking to build partnership with local hospitals for transportation, recreation, volunteers, and faith-based groups.

What is the role of volunteers?

There is a strong network of volunteers for transportation.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

Barriers and possible solutions:

  • Challenge: Getting the word out about what we are doing.
    • Solution - still working on this.
  • Challenge: Seniors not wanting to ride (may be related to dignity).
    • Solution: Making the 1st ride more social and going to community events for folks to get familiarized with the program.

Community Initiatives


Transportation and housing – we have had a round table to come up with best way to get info out to folks. The town has voted to add more dollars into the budget for transportation. We are currently partnering with Manchester transit 3 days a week for curb to curb. There is an issue because it is only 3 days week and it is on-demand. The goal is to extend to 5 days a week and have a fixed route.

Health & Wellness

The Goffstown Parks and Recreation Department, Library, and Police Department have several age-friendly initiatives including: Bone-Builders exercise groups. There are several local groups, such as the Senior Health Incentive Network Endeavor (SHINE) that meet regularly and provide community services and companionship for older residents. We have also been working with the Allard Center YMCA to secure funding and data for a senior citizen fall prevention program.

Accessibility & Walkability

Goffstown recently completed Main Street downtown revitalization to “complete streets” design standards.


Running “Seniors Count” segment on the community access channel.


Goffstown has been the first community (along with Portsmouth) in NH to join the AARP Network of Age Friendly Communities. This effort began through cooperation with the Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission’s (SNHPC) “Becoming Age-Friendly pilot program”.




Derek Horne
Town Administrator
16 Main Street, Goffstown, NH 03045
[email protected]
(603)479-8990 ext.102