Grafton Cares

Covers: Grafton and Athens, Vermont

Mission, Vision & Goals

Providing help and support to people of all ages in Grafton and Athens, Vermont.

Broad Overview

Grafton Cares is an all-volunteer group. Each Cares Group in Windham county has its own “personality” in that they have often been organized around a certain theme, such as medical help and assistance or in another case, housing issues. Often they are nearby to the town of Brattleboro where some of the programs we have developed over time already exist and thus they can focus on one or two things. Plus, membership varies quite a lot with ours being one of the largest. Because we are so rural and comprise two small towns, our focus has been to develop a whole variety of programs as the need arises. The emphasis is on developing a sense of community (Athens) and enhancing an existing sense of community (Grafton). We are dependent on contributions from the two communities. We receive donations as community members believe that we are doing a good job.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

We have a 15 member board. Our program works mainly by consensus through discussion at Board meeting held once a month. New members are suggested by Board members and voted on. In most cases, everyone knows the person and is aware of why they would make a good member.

What is the role of volunteers?

We are an all-volunteer group that provides services for area residents that are intended to develop and enhance a sense of community.

Training: Any training that we do for our programs is done informally with the out-going person and myself explaining what is to be done and offering help as needed.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

Municipal funds, grants, and donations from community members.

Community Initiatives


Transportation to medical appointments

Health & Wellness

Living Strong Program

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program:
A variety of equipment for special health needs is available from Grafton Cares, including an electric hospital bed, wheel chairs, bathroom equipment, walkers, canes, and crutches. An in-house stairway elevator is also available.

Social, Educational & Recreational

Computer assistance for comparing different Medicare Part D Prescription Plans.

Grafton Cares Knitters Beautiful, handmade shawls are given when someone is in need of extra comfort. Baby blankets are also available to welcome any new additions to
the towns.

Food, Gardening & Cooking

Wednesday Luncheons
Town organizations volunteer to plan, shop, prepare, and serve the meals; they set tables, make coffee, wash dishes and take lunches to those who are housebound. Once a month, a special celebration honors those who have a birthday during that month. All food costs are reimbursed by Grafton Cares, if desired.


Welcome Baskets are delivered to full-time residents of Grafton and Athens. Included in the basket are donations from local businesses as well as maps of the area, current town reports, and local phone numbers for essential services.

Financial Assistance This program offers emergency financial assistance to those having difficulty meeting critical needs in regard to health and well-being, or in meeting everyday obligations. A small committee chaired by Grafton Cares, consists of several local organizations who serve as the contacts for anyone needing financial help.



Dennis & Karen Hunt
Grafton Cares
52 McCusker Road, Athens, VT
[email protected]