Living Well in North Yarmouth

Covers: North Yarmouth

Start Date: 2016

Mission, Vision & Goals

Vision Statement:

“The Living Well in North Yarmouth Committee will assess community needs, catalogue available services, and inventory the town for its assets regarding issues of aging. The committee will develop and implement strategies to respond to the needs and desires expressed by the town’s people.”

Goals are currently being updated and changed since the pandemic.

Broad Overview

In 2016, a small committee of town residents began working on a project aimed at improving life for everyone in town – from kids to seniors. After meeting with representatives from the Southern Maine Area on Aging and the AARP, the committee prepared a survey directed to senior citizens, but affecting everyone, to assess the age-friendly aspects of life in our town. Well-lighted wide sidewalks, curb cuts, accessible recreational facilities, shops, and restaurants benefit everyone. Research tells us that people of all ages are looking for the same things to call a community home.

We gave the project this title because mothers with strollers and grandmothers with walkers benefit from the same curb cuts. Families caring for older relatives benefit from community age-friendly amenities such as wellness calls - another resource to spread responsibility for family care. Playgrounds benefit families and grandparents looking for a safe place for the grandkids to play. Home care services benefit older citizens needing hospital after-care or the young family needing help due to childbirth or illness.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

Living Well in North Yarmouth is made up of an committee of 8 core members who meet regularly and volunteers who are recruited for special events.

Steve Palmer is the Chair of our committee.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

What strategies have contributed to your success?

  • When initiative first began in 2016, a needs assessment survey was conducted with the people of North Yarmouth to determine the direction, needs, and goals.
  • A second survey was conducted in the winter of 2020 and the town requested more recreational opportunities. The survey also asked if town people would be willing to volunteer, and from this survey 120 volunteers were collected.

Surveys were available electronically and were also mailed to each household in the town with a post-paid return envelope.

Have there been any barriers that you have encountered?

Initiative was started for transportation, but it was not needed in the community. The community members rely on natural supports, church members, and neighbors for transportation.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

The Town Manager and Select Board have provided financial support through the annual town budget.

Fundraising through the Kite Festival and the Ice Cream Social.

We received an AARP Challenge Grant to purchase Knox-boxes for our Fire Dept.

Community Initiatives


Traffic Calming Initiative -The town is located on commuter roads that had traffic that was too fast, the traffic calming initiative worked with the MDOT and the bicycle coalition to reduce the speed.

Home Repair & Modification

Housing Barriers Initiative -limited property in North Yarmouth due to the cost of property and real estate.

Outreach & Resource Information

Living Well in North Yarmouth communicates and provides outreach through the Town website, social media Facebook: “Living Well in North Yarmouth”, posters, road signs, and local newspaper.

Social, Educational & Recreational

Kite Festival-Annual Community Gathering

Ice Cream Social-Annual social event.


Living Well in North Yarmouth communicates through the Town website, social media Facebook page: “Living Well in North Yarmouth”, posters, road signs, and the local newspaper.


First Greeter Initiative- Reaching out to newcomers to the community. Informing them of them of resources, the government, committees, and activities.




Steven Palmer
Committee Chair
Living Well in North Yarmouth
North Yarmouth, ME