Marlboro Cares

Covers: Marlboro, VT

Start Date: January, 2016

Mission, Vision & Goals

Marlboro Cares, Marlboro Committee for Active, Responsible, Educational Solutions

Broad Overview

Marlboro Cares is a non-profit, volunteer organization providing no-cost, non-emergency assistance to Marlboro residents. We have a ten-member volunteer board of directors and a pool of 58 wonderful volunteers. Marlboro Cares provides support for elders, senior lunches, informational programs. Holiday gift baskets, Memorial gifts and welcome gifts to newborns. Referrals for Heating Assistance.

In 2015, Marlboro Cares answered 127 calls from 31 different residents for non-emergency assistance, such as transportation, errands, information, companionship, and simple chores. Referrals were given to needed social services and for in-home care givers and for handyman-type chores.
Our volunteers provided 80 rides to residents this year, driving over 3,300 miles.
Regular check-ins and visits for our elder residents are provided, as requested.
Meals and Meal Trains were provided to 6 residents following surgery, an illness, or the birth of a child.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

Marlboro Cares has a 10-member volunteer Board of Directors

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

Marlboro Cares makes referrals to social service providers who cover Marlboro. Important partners include the Town of Marlboro, Vt-NH Visiting Nurses and Hospice, Senior Solutions (formerly the Council on Aging), Marlboro College, and Windham County Cares Network. Marlboro Cares is a member of the Marlboro Alliance, which is our Federal non-profit umbrella organization.

What is the role of volunteers?

Our 58 active volunteers provide rides to medical appointments and for errands, complete handyman chores, deliver and prepare meals, and check on residents when a daily check is requested.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

Marlboro Cares is a member of the Marlboro Alliance, which is the Federal non-profit umbrella organization for the Marlboro Mixer, Marlboro Fair, and Marlboro Cares. We are affiliated with the regional Windham County Cares Network and are associated with the Council on Aging. Our funding comes from a Council on Aging Transportation grant, as well as grants from Marlboro Town Meeting and the Marlboro Community Club. We are also thankful for occasional tax-deductible donations.

Community Initiatives


Marlboro Cares provides non-emergency medical and non-medical rides to Marlboro residents who request a ride.

Chores, Handyman & Upkeep

Marlboro Cares makes referrals for weatherization.

Qualified volunteers provide simple, handyman-type, chores when a resident requests help.

Health & Wellness

Marlboro Cares provides regular check-ins and visits for our elder residents, as desired.

We partner with Vt-NH Visiting Nurses and Hospice to provide annual flu shots and offer Strong Living and Tai Chi to help residents maintain or improve their wellness.

Marlboro Cares, in cooperation with Marlboro College, offers a monthly Senior Wellness Clinic for residents of Marlboro. Free-of-charge services include blood pressure checks, medication reviews, toenail clipping, ear cleaning, diabetes and glucometer questions, and other non-emergency nursing services.

Social, Educational & Recreational

Marlboro Cares offers free trainings and programs for Marlboro residents on various topics related to health and well-being.

Food, Gardening & Cooking

Marlboro Cares sponsors Senior Lunches at Marlboro College. Our Senior Lunches are increasing in popularity. In 2015, over 52 different residents participated, many of whom are regulars. The monthly lunches are fun social events at which delicious food and good conversation abound. There is an invited speaker or musical group to entertain and enlighten us at each lunch.


Marlboro Cares has a regular information article in The Mixer. Information about our work is featured on the Marlboro Alliance Facebook page.


Marlboro Cares provided Memorial gifts to honor our citizens who die and welcome new babies to town with a gift certificate to Carters. In December, we deliver Holiday Baskets to our most senior residents, as well as to residents who either transition to Assisted Living or who are mourning the recent loss of a loved one.



Jennifer Mazur
Marlboro Cares
PO Box 222, Marlboro, VT 05344
[email protected]