Mechanic Falls Recreation Dept.

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Mission, Vision & Goals

The goal of the Mechanic Falls initiative is to better the quality of life for our community members. We are working to do this by providing more opportunities for recreation and providing resources to assist those in need of any services.

Broad Overview

Our initiative is still very new but we are currently starting up an older adult recreation program and finding volunteers for our community task force.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

We are currently building a community task force.

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

We are working with AARP and the Maine Council on Aging.

What is the role of volunteers?

Our volunteers work to develop older adult activities and outreach services.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

Strategies for Success:

  • Community engagement
  • State/national non –profit resources


  • It has been a challenge to receive community involvement.

Types of funding that your initiative has received


Community Initiatives


We do not currently have any transportation programs yet.

Chores, Handyman & Upkeep

We do not have any home maintenance programs yet.

Health & Wellness

The Town of Mechanic Falls facilitates communications between residents and non-profit service providers.

Outreach & Resource Information

We utilize online advertisement such as Facebook to spread the word about our work and volunteer opportunities.

Social, Educational & Recreational

Our community is working on creating new recreation programs for residents. We recently started the A.I.R. Crew. The Active In Retirement Crew consists of Mechanic Falls residents who are 55 and older. This is a social group that meets once a week for games and refreshments.

Food, Gardening & Cooking

We do not have any food or gardening programs yet.

Family, Caregiving Support & Respite

We do not have any family care partner programs yet.

Fraud, Abuse & Exploitation

We do not have any programs to prevent fraud, abuse and exploitation yet.

Accessibility & Walkability

The Town of Mechanic Falls has opened up our facilities for activities for older adult residents.


We created a Facebook page and advertise on our town sign. We have also sent out a few letters to advertise our older adult recreation group.




Ashley Cleaves
Town of Mechanic Falls
108 Lewiston Street, Mechanic Falls, ME 04256;
(207) 345-2871