Mount Mansfield Villages

Covers: Residents of Cambridge, Underhill, and Jericho. We will try our best to enroll members in neighboring towns depending on our resources.

Start Date: June 1st, 2019

Mission, Vision & Goals

Mount Mansfield Villages, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide the residents of Cambridge, Underhill, and Jericho with the practical means to live independently, safely, and comfortably in their homes and communities as they age.

Broad Overview

Mount Mansfield Villages (MMV) is a social network providing members with the support they need to stay in their homes while getting older.  We help members remain active, socially-connected, and independent for as long as possible by linking volunteers to neighbors who need services.

Mount Mansfield Villages is part of the Village to Village Network, a national network of “villages” across the country.  This network provides many good ideas on how we can help our neighbors, and ourselves, to “age in place.”

MMV "went live" on June 1st, 2019.  We have volunteers who have attended an orientation session and passed a background check ready to offer their services to MMV members.

COVID Related Programing:

We continued with rides to medical appointments with strict guidelines for volunteers and members.  Volunteers decided if they were comfortable providing rides or not.  We have tried some virtual events as well.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

Members enroll annually and a volunteer does an in home intake visit to meet the member(s) and find out what needs they will have.  Members call or email the office with request(s) and that is sent out to our volunteers.  If a volunteer decides to fulfill a request they contact the member and make arrangements.  Volunteers are trained and go through background checks.  They record each service request when completed and report any problems or changes with the member(s)

What is the role of volunteers?

Volunteers can provide local door-to-door transportation from a Member’s home to:  grocery, pharmacy, or other stores; bank; post office, medical appointment, Vet appointments, library, hairdresser or barber; social or educational events; visits to friends; church/synagogue or other places of worship.  All transportation must be in the volunteer’s vehicle and no money is to be exchanged.  Volunteers can run errands, be a walking buddy, walk a dog on a temporary basis; friendly visits to member’s home; daily phone check-in; take notes for a medical appointment (Medical Pal).  When routine home activities are affected by physical limitations, a volunteer’s help can be a lifesaver.  For example:  assistance with occasional light housekeeping or light gardening chores; assistance with home chores such as replacing a lightbulb or a battery, hanging pictures, putting up or taking down screens, etc.  Technical and home office support with computers, internet, email, etc.  MMV services should not become a substitute for someone who needs regularly scheduled, ongoing assistance.  This is beyond the scope of the MMV volunteer program.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

Keeping in contact with members, volunteers and sponsors through email, newsletters and phone calls.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

Grants for general operations, scholarships for members who cannot afford the annual membership dues, shredding event (people bring their documents to a sight on a certain day for commercial shredding).  We had a grant for our event to start services and sign members up.

Community Initiatives


Transportation is the most requested service within MMV.  Volunteers provide transportation to go shopping and other errands, medical appointments, social events and much more.

Chores, Handyman & Upkeep

Volunteers are available to assist with many household chores from changing hard to reach light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke alarms, to assisting with yard work, trash removal and much more.  MMV has a list of Recommended Service Providers you can hire to help you with tasks that our volunteers can’t do.

Home Repair & Modification

MMV has a list of Recommended Service Providers you can hire to help you with tasks that our volunteers can’t do. These professionals have submitted a certificate of liability insurance and the names of three references, which MMV has checked.  The current list includes vetted plumbers, carpenters, handymen, painters, electricians, home care assistance services, screen repair, snow removal, lawn services, home security, and general property management services. We continue to approach local service providers to try to expand our recommended list.

Health & Wellness

MMV often shares community events and resources to promote healthy living and aging at home, such as programs and tips about fall prevention and other health & safety courses provided at local medical education centers and schools. MMV members who would like help getting to any events are encouraged to submit a request for transportation, and hopefully we’ll be able to link you up with a volunteer driver.

Outreach & Resource Information

Mount Mansfield Villages maintains an active website online,

In addition, they electronically circulate MMV News You Can Use to periodically share information that might be of interest to its members, volunteers, and friends. In the News You Can Use, they share Upcoming Events, Items of General Interest, and Resources from Previous Issues.

Social, Educational & Recreational

MMV helps to keep members connected with neighbors and improve quality of life.  We will organize such activities as luncheons, book clubs, classes, healthy activities such as walks and yoga, day trips, computer workshops and other social and educational opportunities.  MMV shares local events and classes through our newsletter and on the calendar of events on the website.

Family, Caregiving Support & Respite

This is not an option for members, however we can provide resources to contact.

Fraud, Abuse & Exploitation

We offered a series of virtual webinars through AARP on fraud prevention.

Accessibility & Walkability

Our membership area is very rural so most members rely on car transportation.  The Village of Jeffersonville (in Cambridge) does have a walkability for many services that are needed.


We keep in contact with members, volunteers and sponsors through email, newsletters and phone calls.  Our newsletter, News You Can Use is mailed to members without internet connection.




Mount Mansfield Villages
PO Box 31, Underhill Center, VT 05490
[email protected]