OOB Community Friendly Connections

Mission, Vision & Goals

OOB Community Friendly Connection Mission Statement:

OOB Community Friendly Connection (OOB CFC) seeks to enhance a vibrant, all-inclusive community; providing a great place to live, work, play and do business by:

1) creating opportunity for a safer and simpler life;

2) upholding high community standards;

3) embracing our history and culture;

4) fostering year round business success; and

5) empowering residents and enriching relationships.

We are focused on all ages, birth to 100+, because we strongly believe all ages share the same wants, needs and desires. Our motto is: Something for Every Age. We are anxious to be an instrument of positive change and utilize our efforts both in strategy and administration of programs to enhance the good life for those who live in our Community


Broad Overview

-Developed and have in place a Facebook page and website

-Initiated 70+ Property Tax Rebate for residents who have lived in their homes for 10+ years

-Safety programs

-What’s Up OOB--Events information call in line, to spread information about events and combat isolation

-Imagine, Dream, Believe Community event with over 1500 people attending; 54 table displays focused on health, safety, and community service.  Included an AARP Shredding truck, live music, video game hub, “Touch a Truck”, and collected Food Pantry donations.

-Senior2Senior Program—Sand4Safety program, HS Liaison with local Library; Making Memories initiative, What’s Up OOB, Cutting The Cord Antenna program.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

OOB CFC was appointed by Town Council and is a mix of Town Department Heads, local residents and volunteers.  30+ Core Group members attend monthly meetings with 20+ Community Partners ready to help whenever needed.

What is the role of volunteers?

-Volunteers part of our Core Group who come to OOBCFC meetings every month which consist of Town employees, residents and business owners.  Some serve as team leaders for goals and others pitch in to help achieve goals.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

Strategies that have contributed to success:

Being organized, focusing on structure, planning in advance to create community involvement.

Barriers or challenges:

There have been very few barriers relating to public reception. The Town Council initiated support, along with the Town Manager, and the OOB CFC has the support of local businesses, Community Partners and residents.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

To date, minimal Town funding which has primarily been for meeting refreshments. We look to local businesses and Community Partners for support if needed.

Community Initiatives


-One of three major interests
639 responses to a survey with major concerns showing about transportation
Transportation sidewalks and communication
Shuttle bus Biddeford, Saco, Old Orchard Beach, Arundel - tri community?
Transportation issues for all three/four towns - experience same issues
-There is a major concern for transportation. Doing nothing substantial about the issue at the moment, but helping during the winter with sand and salt treatment on the roads to prevent falls

Chores, Handyman & Upkeep

Not yet, on the future agenda

Home Repair & Modification

Not yet, on the future agenda

Health & Wellness

-Town itself - health service agencies

-Town website includes information

-Opening local health group

-Salvation Army/Red Cross

Outreach & Resource Information

-Presentation to town council - results of their survey focus points

-Relationships with local journalists

-Active Facebook page


-Visit to Augusta, state representative recognized their work at the house of representatives

Social, Educational & Recreational

-Call in line, what’s up OOB

-Oobmaine.com, bottom left oob cfc leads to their webpage

-Education - simple solutions

mobile toolbox for residents

Simple tasks like opening a can or seeing

-Senior to senior program - older adult, senior in high school resume, technology

Food, Gardening & Cooking

-Raised gardens at community garden center-9 gardening plots, plan to work more in the future

-Farming program - people can apply to receive fresh vegetables

-High school continuing culinary arts - cook dinner

-Looking to implement a public garden in the future

Family, Caregiving Support & Respite

No, general assistance director salvation army in the core group to get support

Fraud, Abuse & Exploitation

Work with OOB Police Department and notify residents about current scams by emailing notices to over 800 people on the Chair’s Town email list, and post to their own Facebook page, and the Neighborhood Watch Facebook page.

Accessibility & Walkability

Improving walkability/bikeability is a major OOBCFC goal.  We have been working with the Town, The Bike Coalition and MDOT to conduct a demonstration of a new traffic pattern for our Halfway area.  If successful, it will become a permanent change.

- Block celebration in June 9th to re energize an entire block in an area that used to be the central part of our Town. Area consists of people who have lived there forever as well as those who are newer and more isolated. Includes rejuvenating Atlantic Courts Park to include basketball, field hockey, and pickle ball.

-Will include a demonstration which will facilitate using the sidewalk with no curbs but marked by paint and sidewalk delineators to keep people safe.


-Approximately 20 manageable goals that emerged from a town-wide survey that have been prioritized over the next three years.  These goals resulted from our Town-wide survey effort for which we received a resounding 639 responses including 109 responses from high school students. These surveys were distributed primarily by hand, door to door and by having them available in 15+ locations around Town.  None were mailed out.





Louise Reed
Assistant Town Manager and Chair Community Friendly Connection
[email protected]