Putney Community Cares

Covers: Putney, VT

Start Date: 1984

Mission, Vision & Goals

The mission of Putney Community Cares is to foster the health, wellbeing and independence of all members of our community, from newborns to our most senior, by strengthening family and community bonds. We serve individuals, families, and elders in our community. We provide outreach, direct support, programming and connection to services.

Broad Overview

Putney Community Cares offers programs, a sense of community, and activities that build healthy mind, body, and spirit. We offer classes such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Folk Dancing and Strong Living in addition to providing Meals on Wheels to local elders who are homebound. We also host a monthly Community Luncheon for our elder population. Due to the generosity of our community members, Putney Community Cares is able to provide a medical equipment loaning service to Putney residents.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

Putney Community Cares is open to all Putney residents. We have a Board of Directors with 7-11 members. As of July 1, 2018, Putney Cares merged with Putney Family Services to become Putney Community Cares. We combined our mission to serve people of all ages in Putney, VT.

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

Putney Community Cares has collaborative relationships with Putney Foodshelf, Putney Family Services & the Putney Public Library. We additionally have volunteer students from Landmark College and Putney School who help us with various projects. We are also in collaboration with a group called "Windham County Cares" which is a group of other "Cares" programs in some of the surrounding towns such as Grafton Cares, Westminster Cares, Dummerston Cares, Guilford Cares, and Marlboro Cares.

What is the role of volunteers?

Putney Community Cares has volunteers who transport residents to medical appointments, pack up and deliver Meals on Wheels, and serve on our Board.

Strategies that have contributed to your success? Barriers you have encountered?

Success: Networking and collaborating both within the immediate community and doing outreach.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

Municipal and private funding,

Community Initiatives


Putney Community Cares has volunteer drivers who transport residents to medical appointments.

Health & Wellness

Putney Community Cares Service Advocate

Kate Kelly is our Community Advocate and offers a variety of services to our residents:

  • Certified Application Counselor for Vermont Health Connect and Medicaid applications
  • Emergency financial assistance for Putney residents
  • Assistance with subsidized housing applications
  • Informal counseling and support
  • Help with finding and connecting to appropriate services
  • Welcome Baby visits for newborns in Putney

Kate can be reached at (802) 387-2120 or by email: advocate@putneycommunitycares.org



Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program

This program offers a wide variety of home care equipment for long and short term loan. This program also offers support to help people find needed services.


We offer the following Fitness Programs:

Gentle Yoga

This is a class designed for aging bodies. The instructor of this group teaches students from beginner to advanced, children to senior, and is able to safely and expertly work with all levels of experience with regard to both inner and outer alignment. Our instructor values and practices safety through their sensitivity to hands-on adjustments. This class also helps students source their inner power and strength through a heart-centered, energized and challenging class which has careful attention to alignment, breath, inner focus & awareness, and most importantly, self-acceptance. For more information on the schedule, instructors, and cost for this program, please visit the Putney Community Cares website.


International Folk Dancing

These dances come from Albania, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Israel, Macedonia, Quebec, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Turkey, and the U.S. Dancing can be physically, cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually uplifting. For more information on the schedule, instructors, and cost for this program, please visit the Putney Community Cares website.


Living Strong

Living Strong is a twice-weekly bone-building exercise group. It provides strength training using hand and leg weights, balance exercises for agility and to decrease the likelihood of falls, and flexibility exercises for joint mobility. The program was originally created at Tufts University. Each class is guided by a group leader. For more information on the schedule, instructors, and cost for this program, please visit the Putney Community Cares website.


Tai Chi for Fall Prevention

The program uses gentle Sun Style Tai Chi routines that are safe, easy to learn and suitable for every fitness level. Tai Chi is a powerful tool in healing and

strengthening the body, mind, and spirit. Flowing movements improve balance, strength, increase flexibility and joint mobility and reduce stress. People who participate in Tai Chi show a steady improvement, even over a short time, especially those with movement or balance issues. Tai Chi makes us more aware of how we should be moving and the ways in which we can help ourselves gain strength, balance, and flexibility. This is a 10-week program. Students will be placed in either a beginner, intermediate, or advanced class. For more information on the schedule, instructors, and cost for this program, please visit the Putney Community Cares website.

Social, Educational & Recreational

We offer the following social, education, and recreational programs:

Educational forums.

The Artist in Each of Us

The Artist in Each of Us celebrates the creative potential that exists in all of us. Since the spring of 2003, a group of seniors has been meeting at the Putney Community Cares Activities Barn to create art. Individuals are free to work with a wide variety of available materials. Art sessions provide both an opportunity to make art, and to meet others, and socialize, contributing to health and community involvement. This program meets weekly. Everyone is welcome, no previous art experience is necessary. We sometimes invite professional artists to participate in the program or to teach classes. Suggested donation per class $5.00. For more information on the schedule for this program, please visit the Putney Community Cares website.

Congregate Lunch

Putney Community Cares offers a monthly community luncheon that is prepared by the Putney Community Cares Board and volunteers. Community lunches are co-sponsored by Senior Solutions. Schedules and menus are provided on the Putney Community Cares website each month. Suggested Donation is $3.50. Help is also needed in providing rides to and from the meal site and with the cleaning up after the meal. Please make sure and reserve your seat prior to the day of the luncheon. Call 802-387-5593 or email:  coordinator@putneycommunitycares.org

​The Activities Barn

The Laura Heller Community Barn is located at 54 Kimball Hill in Putney, VT. This building is the program site for Putney Community Cares with an activities room and kitchen.

Food, Gardening & Cooking

Monthly community lunches are provided at and by Putney Community Cares and are co-sponsored by Senior Solutions.

Family, Caregiving Support & Respite

Referrals are provided as requested.

Accessibility & Walkability

Putney Community Cares is handicapped accessible.


Putney Community Cares uses several methods for communicating our services to the Putney community:

  • Putney Community Cares website and Facebook page
  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Flyers around town
  • Adds in the local newspaper
  • Maintaining our calendar on our website and our local papers

Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 am-3:00 pm



Abby Jacobson
Program Coordinator
Putney Community Cares, Inc.
54 Kimball Hill Road (mailing: Po Box 108), Putney, VT 05346