Virtual Neighborhood or Savvy Seniors

Covers: Midcoast Maine: Bath to Falmouth, ME

Start Date: 2012

Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission: To support each other as we age

Broad Overview

We meet and build relationship; we feed each other once a month; we loan stuff to each other; we help out with sickness and injury; we talk a lot about creating some kind of housing in the next five years. We have been talking for four years already and can't seem to get past the idea phase.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

We meet monthly for potluck and check in; members connect for outings in between; we help each other through illnesses.

What is the role of volunteers?

We are all equals; there are no volunteers except each other.

Community Initiatives


We are a group for ourselves although we might help others start their own group.



Jill Wallace
56 Elm Street, Topsham, Maine 04086