Wayne Aging at Home

Covers: Wayne, Maine

Start Date: May, 2016

Mission, Vision & Goals


  • Support the elderly and make it easier for them to continue living in Wayne.
  • Providing older residents opportunities to participate, whether by calling their peers or tutoring local children.
  • Increase opportunities for inter-generational engagement that will help young people to understand what happens as people age.

Broad Overview

In 1989 New England Monthly wrote an article "In Praise of Small Towns." Their cover was a wonderful picture of three Emery children, now grown adults. They wrote: "Wayne is a place full of exquisite landscapes where everybody knows you, where they take care of you when you're sick, where your kids can grow up without fear. Why doesn't everybody live like this?" The article documented Wayne's long tradition of helping each other. In 2016 Wayne's Aging At Home committee surveyed more than 100 elders in town and found that the tradition lives on. Wayne's elders told us about how others help them stay in their homes and in our community. They told us of what they do for others, and what they want to do for others. Perhaps the strongest measure of the health and connectedness of our small town is that almost everyone taking the survey said it is important to them to remain in Wayne as they age, despite the issues we face of transportation and weather. Even in the winter, our community is a warm, welcoming place.

How is your age-friendly initiative structured?

Our steering committee operates by consensus. We have a paid, part-time organizer, who works with the committee.

Describe any partnerships you have developed?

  • Cary Memorial Library
  • Rural Community Action Ministry

What is the role of volunteers?

Wayne Aging at Home created a volunteer survey to identify volunteers in the community interested in working on specific initiatives. This survey is for ALL Wayne area residents to fill out, including our elders. It asks elders what kinds of support and services they need. It asks about ways in which people of all ages, including Wayne's elders, want to connect, volunteer, provide needed services for pay, and otherwise support the elders in our community. Our goal is to connect people who want to help with those who want or need help. So far, offers have been made that could help the group form a telephone reassurance program, a volunteer chore service, and volunteer transport program.

Types of funding that your initiative has received

Grants and private donations. We are seeking municipal funding

Community Initiatives

Health & Wellness

We share information about maintaining and improving health and wellness on our Facebook page.

Social, Educational & Recreational

There are many opportunities to participate in social, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities in Wayne and the surrounding area. We share information about those opportunities on our Facebook page.


Monthly column in the Wayne Messenger and Facebook. We rely heavily on word of mouth.

To increase engagement with our work. we have used two surveys (online and hard copies) and have reached out directly to residents by phone.




Pam Chenea
Wayne Aging at Home
[email protected]